All entrants participate entirely at their own risk and agree that they shall have no claim whatsoever against the organisers, sponsors, helpers, land owners or support services in the event of any injury, loss or damage that a participant may suffer personally or to property, caused directly or indirectly by negligence, accidental or otherwise by anyone of the above mentioned parties or any third party not associated with the race itself.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

The event organisers reserve the right to cancel the race at any time due to circumstances beyond our control. 

No refunds for withdrawals, however rider substitutions will be allowed if done via our online entry system before our online entry closing date and time.

Age Limit:

The minimum age limit for the 30km Mini is 13.

The minimum age limit for the 60km Lite is 15.
The minimum age limit for the 160km Extreme is 19.

Race Rules:

  1. It is every rider’s responsibility to familiarize yourself with the route before the race.
  2. Route markers will be placed at key points along the route.
  3. There is NO road closure and riders are asked to obey normal traffic and road rules, race officials, marshals and medics.
  4. 160km: Top 10 finishers from last year and Elite riders will be seeded to start at the front in the start chute.
  5. 160km: At Zuurbron waterpoint: NO LIGHTS cut-off @ 16h30 SHARP!
  6. 160km: At Zuurbron waterpoint: RACE cut-off @ 17h30 SHARP!
  7. 160km: NOTE: You must have a working front and rear light on you bike if you leave Zuurbron after 16h30!
  8. 160km: FINISH CUT-OFF: 12 hours after race start.
  9. 60km: finish cut off time will be 5 hours after race start.
  10. 30km: finish cut off time will be 3 hours after race start.
  11. 60km & 30km: NEUTRAL ZONE: the 1st 2,2km will be a Neutral Zone. The timing starts when you turn right off the tar onto the gravel road.
  12. NO backup vehicles are allowed on the route.
  13. 160km: Feeding and Technical support (no bike replacements) will be allowed in the designated support zone at WP4 (Patensie) and WP5 (Zuurbron) ONLY. Details of your support person MUST be provided to the race organisers at registration. Support person MUST travel between Patensie and Zuurbron, via Hankey on the tar road and NOT on the race route!
  14. Sweep vehicles will be available for rider pick up in case of forced withdrawals along the route. NB: No private pick up vehicles to travel from Patensie to The Mast/ The Cheese Shop in opposite direction to race route!
  15. In case of withdrawals, a rider must hand his number board to a race official or waterpoint manager.
  16. No e-bikes allowed.
  17. All other race specific rules will be communicated via a compulsory rider briefing prior to race start.
  18. We are a CSA sanctioned event, therefore CSA Rules apply.

TRANS ELANDS 2020 – COVID-19 related Rules and Regulations

Trans Elands MTB Marathon is a CSA sanctioned event, therefore our 60km marathon scheduled for 10 October 2020 will be staged in compliance with CSA MTB regulations as well as in compliance with CSA COVID-19 Risk Mitigation requirements currently applicable for Lockdown Level 2. Please see for further details.

What this means is that apart from our existing race rules (as above) , the following COVID-19 event regulations and rules will also be applicable for the Trans Elands 60km MTB Marathon on 10 October:


  1. Entries will be limited to a total number of 270 solo riders, which will be split into 6 batches of a maximum of 45 entries/ riders per batch.
  2. The batches are defined as follows:

A = Men Racing – Elite + top 10 finishers (in 160km and 60km) from Trans Elands 2019. Note:  Top 3 overall Men’s podium positions taken from this batch only)

B – Men Racing – other Age Cats (competitive male riders from any age category)

C – Ladies Racing (competitive female riders from any age category, Note: Top 3 overall Ladies podium positions taken from this batch only)

D – Open Mixed (male and female riders from any age category)

E – Open Mixed (male and female riders from any age category)

F – Open Mixed (male and female riders from any age category)


  1. Available Slots per batch will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Once all slots in a particular batch have been filled, you will have to enter for another batch as applicable.
  3. NB: If you believe you have what it takes to compete for the Top 3 overall Men’s podium positions, but the classification as defined above for batch A doesn’t apply to you, please enter for batch B and send a request to to be considered for a move to batch A.
  4. If you don’t meet the criteria for batch A, B or C as defined above but have selected one of these batches, the race organisers reserve the right to move your entry to a different batch as applicable.
  5. Pre-Entries will close on 30 September 2020 at midnight or as soon as the limit of 270 entries is reached.
  6. NO late entries nor substitutions will be allowed to be done on race day.


Details to be communicated in due course.

RACE DAY procedures:

  1. Batch A will start at 07h00, followed by the other batches with start times 10 minutes apart.
  2. Additional details to be communicated in due course.

Event Programme:

30 September 2020 @ midnight: Pre-Entries Close

7-9 October 2020: Registration & Number Collection

Venue To Be Confirmed

Port Elizabeth

7-9 October 2020 Registration & Number Collection

Venue TBC

Jeffrey’s Bay

10 October 2020 12h40: 60km Finish Cut-Off (Batch E)

10 October 2020 13h00: 60km - Podium media presentation